Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's Only a Game

Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference

Last night Son #1 had a volleyball game.  I didn't know that a volleyball game consisted of 5 games to 25 points.    Maybe I knew but was just in denial. 
 I offered to drive him to the game as The Husband had fire practice with the local Volunteer fire department.  

The seats in the bleachers are about nine inches wide - considerably smaller than  needed  for comfort.  And they are plastic and slippery.   There are no back rests.  Five games is a lot of time spent sitting on those seats.  I guess they don't want us to stay too long.

One thing you may not know about me is that I hate competition.  I don't care if I'm number 1 or number 78 and I hate watching anything where the outcome is that one person/team is labelled better than the other.  It makes me nervous.  I don't like to watch.

At last nights game the crowd and players were well mannered,  cheering and groaning and happy with how he games were unfolding.

The score was close.  Home team had two wins and  the Visitors had two wins going into the deciding fifth game.    

I watched a bit, they were down three, up two and then I couldn't stand it any longer and I pulled out my Southern Living magazine that my niece sends me from Texas and buried my nose in it looking for pretty things to do with my house. 

  Every cheer and every groan had my stomach in twists but I didn't look up.

A friend, who's husband is an ex professional football player, was complaining that  her father-in-law didn't go to even one game to see his son play.

 I told her why.
It's because some of us cannot stand to watch their offspring make an error,  miss a play or be disappointed. It make us feel the need to be medicated.

Next time The Husband will do the driving to the games and I will stay home - sitting on a soft and comfortable chair, reading a magazine, looking for pretty things to do with my house.

Country Living Magazine


Mark said...

Decorating can be a sport! Not a very macho one but still, you'll score lots of points with a good design.

Glamour Drops said...

Grrr.....have just lost my entire comment. Blogger is driving me NUTS!

Anyway, I think what I said was that I love getting a good belly laugh when I visit you Joy because you call a spade a spade, and call life exactly as it is. Such honesty is fabulous, but also hilarious. Now I understand why I am never comfortable watching my own children play games! Virginia xx

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hah, eveybody needs pitchforks on the wall! I am doing a post right now featuring your applesauce muffin recipe :) thank you!

Millie said...

One day your boy is going to thank you for your parental involvement Joy, one day. Thank goodness you had the foresight to stash a good mag in your bag!
Millie x