Monday, 7 May 2012

Size Matters

 There was some concern about the size of our bridge when I shared the mini flood incident.  

It scares me when I drive over it.
Even after 18 years of doing so.
That same rubber knee feeling the three goats must have felt knowing there was a troll under their bridge.

The Husband does not share my concerns about this bridge.

"It's fine!" he insists

 Son #1 was just a few weeks old when the Hydro man backed over the edge of the bridge.
His truck was hanging off the side by its drivers side wheels.
I watched the events unfold from my family room window.
I knew disaster was imminent.
He was backing up too fast and at an odd angle.

He wasn't injured - neither was his truck.
  He was a bit embarrassed. 
Mostly because he had to call his office for the tow truck and he got a ribbing from his co-workers.

The tow truck couldn't pull his truck out of the creek so had to lift it out.

I also mentioned in my post on the mini flood was the loss of newly spread cedar bark mulch.
This weekend The Husband filled this monstrosity with more mulch, backed it over our tiny bridge and then spent way too much time strutting around, like a bit of a peacock, quite pleased with his bridge and his driving skills.

I still think that bridge could use some rails and he thinks I'm being a bit of a troll.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...I really thought the same things when I saw that post. I'm kinda chicken when it comes to bridges anyway....but I could see myself going off the side of it more than once.
Troll? YOU? Never.

Mark said...

I'm totally for reinforcing that bridge of yours. It was freaking me out know that you drive over that thing. Get to work!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh this is so sweet, i would love a bridge on our property, we'd so tell the children there was a troll, i loved that story growing up!! My children would make great billy goats, love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

PS when i drive over bridges, i still breath in, like it's going to make my 4WD more narrow, ha!! Love Posie

Joanne said...

You need a real bridge. This one isn't any better than a couple across the Ohio River that I have to drive with my eyes closed.