Friday, 4 May 2012

Cake Friday

So many bloggers I read have a day where they post on specific topics.
Eco Friday,
Crafting Wednesday,
Kiddos Monday,
You get the gist.

I have Fridays off and spend a good portion of the day baking.
I love baking and I love eating even more.

So I thought of "Foodie Fridays" or" Fat Fridays" or "This is why I can't comfortably wear a bathing suit Fridays"
But then I changed my mind and will stick to "Free as a Bird Fridays'  where I will post, or not, about anything I like.

This Friday I am posting a picture of a cake I made for Son #1 to take to his friends birthday party which is tonight.
He usually takes Tex-Mex style pinwheels but they were so popular that everyone is making and taking them so we needed a switch up.  I've had moms call Sean !!!  for the recipe.
Maybe they thought I wouldn't share.
I'm sure I posted it on this blog earlier.

Focus! Get back on topic!

The cake.
It is decorated with cream cheese stuffed strawberries set on top of chocolate ganache and has chocolate mousse between four layers of dense moist chocolate cake.
The cake recipe doesn't have milk or eggs in it and is one of the best,  no fail cake recipes I have ever used.

So I guess it is a bit of a Food Friday but, oh well.

Just wait till next Friday!
Hope I can come up with a topic other than food.....


Debra She Who Seeks said...

OMG, what a sinful delight! Brace yourself for a new barrage of recipe requests from all those Moms, LOL!

Busy Bee Suz said...

"This is why I can't comfortably wear a bathing suit Fridays" Sounds like a winner to me!

This cake looks amazing. No eggs or milk? I've never heard of such a thing. Are you going to taunt and NOT share the recipe? Cause that is just mean.
You'll need to change the title to "Joy being Mean Fridays." I'm just saying.....