Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Early Onset or Self Induced Chaos?

Every morning is a flurry of activity at our house.
Feed the dog
Feed the fish
Feed the boys
Make coffee
Check the lunches that The Husband has made before he left for work at 5AM (what a nasty time of day to go to work) to be sure there is fruit or veggies.

You know the routine - I'm sure it's the same in your household.

This morning was no different.

Did you pack your homework?
Did you brush your teeth?
Close the bedroom windows it looks like it might rain.
Lunches - pack them up - don't crush them with text books.
Are you coming home after school?
Your keys! Adam are yours in your backpack?  Sean, do you know where your keys are - I don't want to have to come back!
Where's the dogs red thing? (Kong - for a treat)
Has the dog been out?
Take some money - you never know when something might come up.
Does everyone have their homework?

Eye rolling abounds.
They are on the edge of cracking me over the head and burying me in the back yard.

One kid in the car and  the other preparing his motorcycle for the ride in.
(He loves his new found freedom)

We're off - and on time!

Three blocks down the road and the cell phone rings.
Son #2 answers.  "okay I'll tell her"
"What did he lose?" I say, dejectedly. 

"Nothing.  You forgot your lunch."


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ain't that always the way, LOL!

Mark said...

Uh oh! I'm in my mid-40s now. Exactly when do things start to go down hill like this?

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOL...this is so funny!!! Irony at it's best!