Monday, 16 July 2012

Typos and other Things

Let me start by saying I ama a terrble typist and will leave in tthe typos so you will see I am not making this up.

Okay maybe not.  It would be too hard for you to read.

Son #1 is at a family reunion this week.  
He has always been one for wanting to be surrounded by family and friends. 
 The more the better.  
The family reunion is not for our family but someone elses - he doesn't care.  
He will be in his 'lots of people' glory.

Here he is getting an award for principals list - all marks over 90.
He wore this ugly yellow hat last year too.

When Son #2 was young he wanted long hair and didn't cut it until he was 12.  It got very long and he was often mistaken for a girl.  He didn't care, he just thought those people were crazy. He knew he looked like a boy.
 Over the past three years his hair has been getting shorter - first the Goth, then the Beiber, then the Beckham and last week he shaved it off.

This is his new look.

Here he is, also getting a principals list award.

He was really proud of himself.

 Last week a bird flew into our window and died.  He (Son #2 ) picked it up and buried it under the cherry tree because "I know they love cherries, mom"

He showed me the 'gravesite'

"I said a few words" he said.

I didn't ask what he said but I am very curious.

Here I am pitting cherries, I need a hair cut.
Story of my life - sigh.

I wonder if The Husband got cherry juice on the camera.  He'll do anything to get out of pitting cherries.
Or picking raspberries.

This is the sweet cherry tree three weeks ago.

There is also a sour cherry tree in the front that is covered in cherries and while I picked about a thousand pounds of them yesterday I still have another thousand pounds to go.

I 've tried to give them to neighbours but they look at me like I'm trying to sell crack.

Even the food bank does not want sour cherries.

They will take my radishes, lettuce and spinach,
but no cherries.

Back to my bad typing skills.

 I have never had good keyboard skills.
 I thought if I didn't learn then I would not be stuck at a desk.
That plan didn't work out so well for me.
Not only am I at a desk but  I fight with the keys every day and sometimes end up with words other than what I meant them to be.

Today is not a good typing day but it is a lot better than the time I sent a mail to a client.
 I proofed everything except his name.
When he received the mail he phoned me
and said,

'Joy, one must never leave the G out of the name Angus.'

I turned him into an asshole.... shhh don't tell anyone.


 I was embarrassed and he was a good sport.

... and I never think of him without changing his name.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I bet Son #1 is an extrovert. They LOVE being in crowds of people. And I suspect Son #2 is an introvert -- they can easily stand against peer pressure or judgment because their truth comes from within. Of course, he had long hair until he was 12!

And the only other comment I have is . . . poor Anus, I mean Angus!

Mark said...

Yeah, I would agree that you need to working on your typing skills. Had I make that mistake in his name, I would have totally died on the spot.
Like your boy's haircut. It's cool! And you can tell him that I said so. After hearing that, he'll probably grow it back out.
And sorry that no one wants your sour cherries.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OHMYGOODNESS Angus without the G! And shoot, wow, you really know how to grow things, huh? And it seems to me that your sons look so much like you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, this entire post made me laugh. Not giggle. LAUGH. Thanks for that.
I like the yellow hat...and the fact that both your boys are SMART and caring? Amazing! You did good.
And your hair looks good to me. Cherry trees? sweet. Sour cherries? *face pucker*
Poor Anus....luckily he is a good sport.
Have a great day!

Introverted Art said...

Son #2's remark about dead bird was the sweetest thing I have heard the whole week. So loving and caring boy.