Friday, 20 July 2012

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy.....

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I know.  Boo hoo to me and yes,  there is some comfort in knowing I am not alone.
Well, maybe not comfort....

Four weeks.
That is my time off for good behaviour.

One week at Christmas, one week at Spring Break and two weeks in the Summer.

For the past couple of  weeks it has been very hot here.
Very Hot.
I am on holidays for the next two weeks and because of karma (or some past life indiscretion) the weather forecast for next week  is cool with rain, thunder and lightning. 
Great! (sigh)

The boys and I and Archie the Dog will be in the trailer at the cabin on the lake.
The Husband will be at work.
The boys will expect me to drag them around the lake behind the boat while they wakeboard, tube and whatever else it is they do back there.

I will be worrying that I am going too fast or that I will hit something or someone.
Have I mentioned that I am a neurotic worrier?

Hopefully there will be too much lightening to go on the lake.
Don't tell them I am wishing for this.
They think I am a fun mom.

The Husband will come out after work and stay over and go back to work each morning from the lake.
He gets up at 4:30 AM.
The trailer is small, he is not, that means we will all be up at 4:30 AM.

Up and angry.

"Yes, please! we would love it if you could stay with us",  I forced myself into saying.

The second week The Husband is not at work.
The plan was Tofino and kayaking and surfing.
Unfortunately there is tsunami debris washed in with the tide from Japans disaster last year - big and little debris.
Shipping containers, large fishing vessels, docks and plastics and other floaty things.
Sad really -  bits and chunks of peoples lives.

This year as well there will be No Lifeguards!!! on Tofino's Long Beach to save us when we decide to do something we are not capable of.  Like surfing.

"Discontinuing the Surf Guard program at Long Beach puts surfers in danger and will discourage visits to the park," says Bob Jackson, PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President, "The four Surf Guards employed by Parks Canada perform an indispensable service: on average they perform 8 water rescues and make 800 contacts with people on the beach per season. What will happen when they're not there and a surfer gets into trouble?"

I know we will be one of the eight.
Have I mentioned I am a worrier?

So with Tofino off the agenda we are now trying to find another fun relaxing place.
Whistler?  mountain biking, zip lining, hiking?
Salt Spring Island ? kayaking, eating, biking?
Canmore? caving, hiking, biking?

The boys choice?

West Edmonton Mall.

Good Lord.  What are they thinking?
Drive 8 hours to spend a week inside a mall?

I don't think so.

West Edmonton Mall Waterpark - Edmonton, Alberta

See that? on the edge of the pool?  I'm sure that's the Plantars wart virus.

Have I mentioned that I am a neurotic worrier?

Anyway I will be gone for two weeks.
Don't do anything fun without me!

Summertime - Sam Cooke


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Tourists come all the time to spend their holidays at West Edmonton Mall. There's a theme hotel attached right to the mall. I think they're nuts too. We live about 10 minutes away from The Big Mall. I shop there from time to time myself.

Have fun on your holiday, wherever it turns out to be!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...I could totally see that wart virus too!
You cracked me up here....with everything except the rubbish in the ocean from that tsunami. So sad.
I DO hope you have a great time. And don't worry so much:I'll do it for the both of us!

Joanne said...

No matter where, just go. Those warts freeze off easily and are just part of the kids' adventures. They remember the rocks and shells they collect, too. All one big package of their vacation memory.

OneCraftyFox said...

OMG, ha ha ha ha!!

OK, your four weeks off for chillaxin' sounds amazin'. I have yet to do the cottage thingy this summer... not sure if I will be able to do it. Boo. But, I will be heading to an MMA bootcamp next month which is in the woods, in cabins, but instead of BBQ'ing lakeside we'll be pounding on each other and rapelling down mountain sides. FUN!!

Happy Weekend :)