Tuesday, 3 April 2012

'I am committed' or' I need to be committed' or 'stop committing'

HA! HA!  I found this post that I somehow forgot to publish, or meant to get back to, or ran out of time to do... or ???
 Is this the first sign of the dreaded old age brain?
 Here it  - written on  January 17th!

It is at my house!

This is "the list" in no particular order.  
It would help if there was some order to it but that would just be another "to do"
  1. New art gallery opening - wine and appies but they also mention yoga, I hope they are not expecting audience participation.
  2. Friends art show - she's very good, she's a teacher by day and a painter, mom and wife by night.
  3. Make more pottery for consignment - "make something nice", she requested.
  4. Finish pottery orders for valentines day - can Valentines Day be moved back two weeks?
  5. Drive Son #1 to the ski hill for Wednesday AM - that means getting up at 5 AM to drive and drop and be back at the office for 8AM.
  6. Nag Son #2 to study for exams in 5 days (that "good marks" ship might have sailed!)
  7. Co-worker on injury leave - check her emails and act accordingly.
  8. Boss on vacation - sign cheques and frown at the production line workers.  Say nothing.
  9. Temperature is -27 C.with the windchill - dress warm, take a hat and seethe inwardly at all those who are flying off to Mexico's beaches.
  10. Ladies night at my house in 6 days - need to start getting the food ready and need wine - lots and lots of wine.
  11. Clean the house before the "ladies" arrive or hide crap in closets.
  12. Come up with an "activity" for the ladies so they don't drink too much wine.  They hate doing crafts, I think we will make wire hearts for Valentine's day.  I am determined that they know the joy of making and creating, dammit.
  13. Friends With Benefits meeting tomorrow night.  We are artists who share ideas and encouragement - nothing else!
  14. Kitchen spices etc. home party at a friends house on Saturday - buying not selling - maybe I can use this for gifts.  This is the same night as the Art Gallery opening.  The plan is to drop in early, buy something and leave for the gallery.    Right, that will work.......

    I have overlap, I have committed when I am unavailable, my friends are only a bit annoyed with me, my family wonders why I am talking to myself. 
     I can only hope its all uphill from here.

I can't remember that far back but apparently uphill didn't happen........


Mark said...

You're a busy girl!
But, you look quite lovely in that last photo. ha!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

have missed ya JOY :)